I’m a Runner: Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall, 28, Melbourne, author, Taekwondo black belt, TV personality


I was terrified of running after I snapped my ACL doing a taekwondo roundhouse kick and not rotating my foot. But I started doing interval sessions about five years ago to improve my fitness and now I’m hooked.


You get everything you need for your health and fitness from running. I do three intense 30-minute treadmill sessions a week and run between 10 and 17K on alternate days.


I love exploring new running territory when I’m travelling, except on my recent trip to Thailand when referral dogs chased me onto a freeway!


People say it’s easy for me to find time for running, strength training and taekwondo classes because it’s my job to be fit, but my job is actually writing books. I’m at the computer all day trying not to eat too many jelly-beans just like everyone else.


The characters in my children’s books [Roxy Ran ninja novels] live the warrior way and make healthy choices. And, take note of Roxy’s surname – she’s an awesome runner.


Connecting with kids is one of life’s joys. When I visit schools we talk about confidence, self-esteem and living healthy. Kids naturally run everywhere and I think we lose that as adults.


When I was young I did ballet and Taekwondo at my family’s martial arts centre, but I got chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 15 and took a year off sport. It made me realise the importance of tapering and good nutrition.


My boyfriend Ed Kavalee tries to run, but he’s such a big guy – 101 kilos of pure muscle. He knows I’ve got him when it comes to speed, but I’m no match for him in the weights department.


I can’t go for a run without my visor. My mum gave me all these great ones from the 80s – there’s nothing like a bit of fluro to make you run fast.


Runners need to look after their feet. I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis and ice my feet before every long run. I invest in good shoes and take krill oil, magnesium and glucosamine.


Winter is running group time; if you need motivation make yourself accountable and run with others. I love rugging up when it’s cold and getting a really good sweat on.

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