How staying upbeat can speed up recovery






It’s time to think positive.

Recovering quickly from a poor race may be more about attitude than ice baths. Research has shown that when we’re stressed, our bodies take longer to repair. In the study, 193 adults were given a tiny mouth wound under local anaesthesia. Those with symptoms of stress or dissatisfaction were slower to recover than other participants. So how do you stay positive if a race doesn’t go your way?

1. Put pen to paper

Keeping a journal may aid performance. ‘Whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with a race performance, writing things down gives you an avenue to process things,’ says Paul Whisper, vice president of Athlete Performance at Under Armour.

2. Get a growth mindset

‘Educational psychology shows that a “growth mindset” is critical to learning,’ says endurance coach Tom Craggs. ‘Learn to love your “bad” races by reflecting on your taper, your pre-race routine, your pacing etc, and identify what you can tweak or change.

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