3 Ways to Refuel an Unsettled Stomach

HARD WORKOUTS and long runs often leave runners with queasy stomachs. But to get the most benefit from your runs, it’s important to refuel within an hour of exercising, says Leah Thomas, a sports dietitian. If your post-workout routine has you racing for a bathroom rather than a protein bar, Thomas offers these tips to help you get the recovery you need:

1 Avoid trigger foods

Some foods like chocolate milk or yoghurt can be great recovery aids, but dairy can also be a trigger food for nausea. Learn which foods to avoid in your post-workout fuelling.

2 Start with the carbohydrates

Although you want to have a mix of carbohydrates and protein in your recovery snack, Thomas says they don’t need to be taken simultaneously. Minimising protein and fat early may make it easier to get something in right away. Start with a high-carbohydrate drink like Gatorade or Powerade that will sit easier on your stomach and also help to rehydrate you after a workout.

3 Don’t rush it

If all else fails, give yourself time. “If there are times that you just can’t stomach something, then just wait, let yourself settle down and gradually introduce food,” Thomas says. Missing the recovery window one time is not going to ruin you if you just can’t handle it.


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