The Runner’s Cupboard: Cinnamon

Get the Facts

Cinnamon’s sweet, warming flavour makes it a perfect spice. Some studies show it may play a role in helping prevent or treat diabetes by boosting the effect of insulin, which regulates blood sugar, but the findings are inconclusive. Researchers do know it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


Get the Best

Cinnamon’s close cousin, cassia is a less expensive alternative to Ceylon, or “true cinnamon”. Ground cassia is dark reddish and slightly bittersweet, while Ceylon is buff in colour and sweeter. You can spot a Ceylon cinnamon stick because it’s made of several thin layers, while cassia sticks have just one hard layer.


Get Cooking

Heat doesn’t affect cinnamon’s health benefits, so stir a stick into hot water along with fresh ginger to make a simple tea. While the spice is common in baked goods, it makes an intriguing addition to savoury dishes. Add a teaspoon to meat or vegetarian chilli, stews or curries (keep in mind the darker the cinnamon’s colour, the stronger and more pronounced its flavour will be).

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