RW Gear of the Year Winners 2014

In Runner’s World December 2014, we ran a “Gear of the Year” special, where we presented 17 prize packs from brands like Brooks, Garmin, TomTom and more. We gave you – our readers – a chance to win these prize packs by entering our draw. Of 1,052 total entries received, here are 24 winners:

Graeme Pollard, Vic.; Colleen West, NSW; Barry Ayling, NZ; Ruby Howard, Vic.; Pauline Dahms, Qld.; Danny Grimshaw, WA; Raewyn Peters, NZ; Deborah Smith, NZ; Lucinda Szechenyi, Vic.; Yvette Mac, Qld.; Greg de Candia, Qld.; Nigel Drummond, Vic.; Petrea Sloman, Qld.; Vickie Spencer, Qld.; Jy Pertzel, Vic.; Margaret Bohling, NZ; Tau Holden, NZ; Karen Franks, WA; Kieran Hennig, Vic.; Mat Nelson, Vic.; Natalie Noack, SA; Michael Gynn, Vic.; David Minear, SA; Yee Vien Ng, Vic.

Congratulations, all!

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