The Secret to Going Farther

Simply approaching a problem differently can sometimes change your whole perspective.


I love it when themes converge – the serendipitous feeling of getting the same message from various sources at the same time, and knowing that the universe is speaking directly to you: Epiphany!

I got this message from a dream, a book, a yoga class, a conversation with a friend and an online meditation. I think I’m supposed to share it with you, too. I’m getting that feeling anyway.

I call it if/then, but the teachers and authors who passed it to me said it much more eloquently. Essentially, it’s this idea:

If you want more love in your life, then be more loving.
If you want more peace, then be more peaceful.
If you want more joy, then be more joyful.
If you want gratitude, then be grateful.
If you want more financial success, then be more generous.
If you want more acceptance, then be more accepting.
If you want more intimacy, then be more warm and open.
If you want to advance, then help someone else advance.
If you want more courage, then be more vulnerable.
If you want more energy, inspire someone else.

Basically, the lesson is to become, or offer up, the very thing you think you want so badly. Instead of trying to get it, give it away. Instead of pushing so hard, try pulling from the other side.

Runners know this already:

If you want to be stronger, then run more hills.
If you want to run a certain pace consistently, then train just beyond it.
If you want to be lighter, then eat more of the right fuel.
If you want community, then show up to support people.
If you need a morale boost, then cheer for someone else.
If you want to qualify, then help someone else qualify.
If you want confidence, then put yourself on a starting line.
If you want reverence, then run at sunrise.
If you want more energy, then expend more energy.
If you want to be more comfortable, then practice being uncomfortable.
If you want wisdom, then try hard enough that you fail sometimes.

If you want to go farther than you think, then start thinking farther than you can go.



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