SwimRun arrives in Australia

The unique and challenging sport of SwimRun is coming to Australia this year. Australia’s first SwimRun event will take place, starting and finishing in Rose Bay, Sydney on the 14th May 2016. The set course of 12 swimming sections and 13 run sections covers trails, open water, paths, challenging entry and exit points, beaches and epic views over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. 

The course is made up by a total of 18km mixed between swimming and running.  In SwimRun, teams of two compete the entire race side-by-side, alternate between swimming and running on a set course in a natural environment. Gear is kept to a minimal and participants have to carry all their gear throughout the whole course. The typical SwimRunner’s gear usually includes wetsuit, running shoes, paddles and a whistle. SwimRun Australia offers three categories; mixed, women & men, where everyone competes and participates on equal terms.

“We are super excited to introduce the sport of SwimRun to Australia”, says Race Director Adriel Young. “I believe SwimRun is the new, big thing. It is really back to basic and a fantastic challenge for everyone with an open mind and feel for adventure.” 

Triathlete, Bondi Rescue Lifeguard and Race Director Adriel Young has been living in between Sydney and Sweden for the past 18 months and has seen the sport grow in Europe. 

“The sport is well established in Sweden, but we are now experiencing an enormous interest from both European and International organisations, with races popping up in different locations and countries”. “There are so many beautiful and challenging locations in Australia, so we can’t wait to take the first step and introduce this challenge to everyone”, says Young. “The sport has seen huge growth and popularity, there was 3 races in 2012 and now well over 100 world wide. 2x Ironman World Champion, Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack has entered a race for 2016 here in Sweden.”

Courtesy of www.swimrun.com.au

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