The Runner’s Pre-Race Meal Plan

3 to 4 Hours Pre-Race
1 cup porridge with 2 tablespoons honey (62g carbs)
200 grams yoghurt (17g carbs)
1 large banana (31g carbs)
2 tablespoons raisins (16g carbs)
120mL juice (14g carbs)
600mL water (0g carbs)
Total: 140g carbs

90 Minutes to 2 Hours Pre-Race
1 slice bread with 1 tablespoon jam (29g carbs)
600mL sports drink (36g carbs)
Total: 65g carbs

30 to 60 Minutes Pre-Race
1 energy gel or serving of energy chews (25g carbs)
230 to 350mL water (0g carbs)
Total: 25g carbs

Total Carb Intake: 230g


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