This February, Love Yourself

Running Divas launches its ‘Love Yourself February Challenge’ ahead of Valentine’s Day.

Running Divas Australia, an online women’s running network, wants you to look at Valentine’s Day from a different perspective and focus on yourself for a change this February.

Launching their ‘Love Yourself February Challenge’ yesterday, Running Divas Australia founder Erica King says, “Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is all about focusing on our partner, but it’s time we equally focused on ourselves, as women”.

Having seen how running has transformed many women’s lives over the years since launching the online community in 2010, King hopes the challenge will inspire more women to achieve their goals, whether it’s to kick start their running journey or to take their running to another level by setting bigger goals.

Whatever your reason to run may be, whether it’s to feel good about yourself, to overcome depression or addiction, or to improve self-esteem and take control of your lives, King says her goal is to “inspire, motivate and encourage as many women as possible to step outside their comfort zones”.

“This journey begins with self-love and dedicating time each day to take care of yourself and your body,” says King. So take the first step today (it all starts with one step!), and join in Running Divas Australia’s challenge this month.


For more information on Running Divas Australia, visit runningdivas.com.au


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