Devil of a Time

Located in Tuerong, 55km south-east of Melbourne, Victoria, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Devilbend Natural Features Reserve is an idyllic location for a race. Devilbend Fun Run is held here annually in August, organised by Mornington Peninsula Athletics Club, giving runners a chance to take in the inland water reservoir and rolling hills of the hinterland.

Community Run

Walking towards the start line, located just outside the reserve, there’s a real community feel. Runners are relaxed, having a chat or a chuckle. Instantly this calms your nerves and makes you ready for a good race. Race director, Richard ‘Dozer’ Does, wishes all the participants well and then steps aside, counting down: 3, 2, 1, bang, and you’re off.

Digging Dirt

The start is fast as runners descend Graydens Road heading west over the picturesque reservoir bridge. The race is touted as being ‘99% genuine dirt roads’ and, with the exception of the small car park area of the reserve, the bridge is the only stretch of bitumen road your legs have to deal with. Immediately after the bridge you turn left onto Derril Road to begin a series of small undulations covering about 4km alongside the perimeter of the reserve before reaching the first lap turn around point.

Idyllic blue

Heading back past the start area and into another part of the reserve, participants enter a small forest of tall pine trees. This is where you get the chance to overlook the crystal blue reservoir, which by now is shimmering as the sun breaks through the clouds. Here, during a typical year, you’ll realise conditions are ideal for running – hardly any wind and the temperature is hovering around 15 degrees Celsius.

Devil of a Time

If you finish the race in a devil costume, you stand a chance to win your race entry back, so a number of runners are dressed up as devils, with red horns and all. When a runner dressed in his best devil suit comes past, it’s hard not to instinctively yell ‘Carn the devil!’ Expect a demonic grin for an answer.


9 August, Devilbend Reservoir Park, Vic.

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