Strengthen Your Hamstrings

Use this simple, two-day routine to relieve a common tight spot in runners.


Contrary to popular belief, stretching won’t necessarily improve hamstring flexibility and restore range of motion. If poor alignment is to blame, your hamstrings are already in an overextended position and stretching can be counterproductive, says Mike Robertson, a personal trainer. The first step in finding relief, he says, is to work toward achieving proper pelvic positioning, which will alleviate tension down the back of your thighs. The second step is to strengthen your hamstrings so they can help you maintain that good alignment – while sitting, while walking and while running.

Robertson recommends the following two-day workout. Do the warm-up moves to help you get good pelvic positioning first. Then do the first two strength moves on one day and the second two on another day. If you run two or three times per week, do these workouts on your off days. If you’re running more regularly than that, do them after you run.



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