I’m A Runner: Shelly Horton

Shelly Horton is one of Australia’s leading television personalities. In January 2016 she started her own video production company, ShellShocked Media.


I’ve only recently returned to running. I didn’t run for about two years because I had plantar fasciitis. I really had to take care of myself and avoid putting my feet under any stress.


I had to get a personal trainer to teach me how to run properly. I now run on the balls of my feet instead of using the heel strike. When I use the right technique, I can go further and faster. I was so surprised that I had to learn something I thought was quite natural, but I highly recommend it because it makes running easier.


I don’t find running enjoyable. There are people who say, “I get this high, it’s just amazing.” I don’t understand them! What I like about running is that it gets results. I’m always a bit sore the next day, which I like because I feel like my body has worked.


I’ve done six City2Surfs in the past, but these days I’m just trying to stay as active as possible. I recently made the commitment to exercise for 30 minutes for 30 days and I shared it online with the hashtag #30minutesfor30days. It was great – I felt so much improvement in my sleep and self-esteem.


I don’t run more than 5Ks at a time for the moment and I sometimes walk for a while to recover. I also stay on flat ground because I’m recovering from injury. I’m planning to incorporate some hills soon, but I want to listen to my body and make sure my feet are OK. I’m not going to let my ego get involved – it’s not worth it.


I like to run around lunchtime because it breaks up the day. It gives me mental space and I come back more energised to finish off the work I need to get done.


I’ve got big boobs – I’m a 14EE – and I had a really bad experience where I wore an underwire sports bra and it cut me. Now I wear a Triumph bra that straps them down – I’m like Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry.


There are a million reasons to say you can’t run – your boobs are too big or your feet are too sore or you’re too fat. But once you get out there and pound the pavement, all those reasons disappear and you end up feeling really proud of yourself.


I’ll never be a Skinny Minnie and I’m OK with that. But I’m also trying to be the best me I can be.


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