Man Sets Crazy Fast Marathon Record in a Three-Piece Suit

He averaged 3:55 per kilometre – while wearing wool.

The Guinness World Record for fastest marathon in a suit now belongs to Matthew Whitaker, a 25-year-old lawyer from North Bondi, who ran 2:44:28 at the Sydney Marathon on 17 September.

Whitaker averaged 3:55 pace while wearing a three-piece wool suit – with his top button buttoned, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He was, however, allowed to wear running shoes.

Before Sunday, the record for fastest marathon in a suit was 2:58:03, run by Joe Elliott of Great Britain in 2013 at the London Marathon.

Whitaker wasn’t the only runner to improve upon the time. Michael Tozer also smashed the previous record, running 2:50:57, in a dapper royal blue getup. (Tozer does hold the record for half-marathon in a suit, 1:18:10, which he ran last July.)

Guinness rules stipulate that “the competitor must be wearing a full suit – jacket, waistcoats, trousers (suit pants), tie, shirt, and socks. If any article of clothing is removed, the attempt is disqualified.”

Whitaker told the Sydney Morning Herald his longest training run in the suit was only 14 kilometres. He wore pants that were one size too big so his stride wouldn’t be restricted.

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