This October, go nude… (food, that is)

Nude Food Day 2016


Here at Runner’s World, we love food (a lot) – we eat to feel good and to fuel our bodies healthily so we can run our best. Eating well involves everything from mindful shopping to preparing and eating nourishing, nutrient-rich homemade meals as often as possible.


This October, as part of the National Nude Food Day campaign, we’re going to go one step further and look after the planet as much as we look after our own bodies. A healthy body means a healthy planet, and runners of all people certainly appreciate a healthy planet.


In its seventh year, National Nude Food Day (which is now actually a month-long initiative) educates and encourages young Australians ­– and their parents – to make conscious decisions about their health and the environment through daily food choices.


“Nude Food” is fresh, healthy and environmentally friendly. Here’s how you can make a start and join over four million Australians in going green this spring:


  • plan meals ahead and buy in bulk (good for the planet and cost-effective)
  • avoid grocery shopping when hungry, as this is when you’re most likely to buy unhealthy pre-packaged snacks
  • make a balanced lunch – lots of fruit and veg every – day
  • avoid disposable cartons and unnecessary wrapping – pack lunches in reusable containers (we like these containers from Biome)


So go on, get cooking and keep moving (walking, running, cycling)!


For more information on how to get involved with Nude Food Day, visit nudefoodday.com.au




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