These Sweaty Betty leggings are the essential you never knew you needed

Looking for truly reflective running kit? We’ve found it.

  • Sweaty Betty’s Power leggings with an all-over reflective print to help you stay seen when running in low light.
  • Available in two different leg lengths.
  • Pockets for your iphone and essentials.


When it comes to running in the dark, there’s a few simple things you can do to help you feel safer: run with one earphone in so you can hear what’s happening around you (or leave the headphones at home entirely); run with a friend (following social distancing rules) and wear reflective running kit. Yet for a lot of kit, the ‘reflective’ element involves a couple of small reflective panels on otherwise dark running kit. These Sweaty Betty leggings are a welcomed, impressive improvement to the reflective market.

Power leggings

This year, Sweaty Betty have sold a pair of their Power leggings every 90 seconds, and it’s easy to see why. Even with the outer reflective detailing, the leggings are buttery soft against the skin, with a high waistband to hold everything in place as you move. There’s a leg pocket big enough for most smartphones (we tested them with an iPhone 11 and it fit fine), there’s also a zipped pocket on the back for your keys and credit card.

All-over reflective print

Designed by a team of women, the leggings are extremely flattering, with ‘bum sculpting technology’ for a perfect fit. For me, however, it was the all-over reflective print that made these stand out – they are the most reflective leggings I’ve ever worn, and I felt safer running through a dark park with cyclists around me, knowing I’d be seen. The reflective range also includes a zip-up jacket for colder runs and a super affordable headband, which has a pocket for your ponytail.

The reflective print does mean the leggings aren’t as soft as other Sweaty Betty offerings, with one runner noting, ‘the fabric is not quite as elastic as other Power leggings I own, especially around the ankles it takes more effort when taking them off. Very hi-vis fabric, I instantly felt a lot safer in surrounding traffic during the dark hours.’

The fit

The leggings come in two different leg lengths – ⅞ (which is full length on me at 5 foot 2) and full length to suit different runners. I am a size 8 and tested a pair of XS leggings, which fit well, with the drawcord allowing me to pull the leggings tight around my waist to minimise any movement.

The downsides are that these leggings don’t come cheap, but Sweaty Betty leggings are designed to last. I’ve washed the leggings inside-out a few times and so far, the reflective pattern has stayed put. $135 isn’t cheap for a pair of running leggings, but if you can afford it, they make running at night feel quite a bit safer.


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