The 8 Most Popular Running Resolutions (And How to Achieve Them)

Each year, everyone is eager to start their resolutions off strong. Runners—or possible new runners—are no different.

Here’s a list of the 8 resolutions we see most frequently from our readers, and the articles we think will help them meet their goals this year.

1. Run My First Half Marathon

This story has a great section on training for your first 21.1 kilometre race.

2. Run a Faster Half-marathon

On her blog last year, our writer Susan Paul offered some great advice on how to set a PB in this distance.

3. Stage a Running Comeback

Whether you were out with an injury or just plain out last year, here’s some advice on how to get back into it.

4. Run Injury-Free

Use this guide to prevent the most common running injuries and stay off the sidelines this year.

5. Do More Cross-Training

Check out this comprehensive guide to cross-training for runners to find out which types are best and how often you should do it.

6. Get Faster

These key speed workouts can help runners of all levels pick up the pace.

7. Run My First Ultramarathon

This story is full of great advice for runners looking to go beyond 42.2K.

8. Eat Healthier

To improve your diet, you can start by choosing foods from this list of the 15 best for runners.

Happy New Year! May you all reach your goals, and may you have fun doing it.

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