Video Shows Baby Goat Running a 5K in Malaysia

Yes, she got her own bib.

pygmy goat on lawn, close up wide angle

Mike Hill//Getty Images

Some people enjoy running with dogs, while others like to run with feline friends to make the miles go by faster, but now one runner is taking TikTok by storm thanks to her running partner of choice: a baby goat.

In videos shared to TikTok, a 5-month-old goat named Nami is shown with her own race bib and number and running alongside others in the Larian Perpaduan 2023 5K last month. The video, posted by user @ijat_opie, has more than 540,000 likes and shows the goat dashing ahead of its owner and past other runners on the way to the finish line.

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“The finisher for Larian Perpaduan 2023 this time around is different, it properly followed along until the end,” @ijat_opie said of Nami in a video caption, translated from Malay. @ijat_opie ran alongside the goat for the race, giving her water when needed. Fellow participants also gave Nami plenty of pets to motivate her to finish the race.

Another video shows runners taking a quick break to feed Nami some snacks before taking off again to finish the race.

If it looks like Nami is in great shape, this isn’t her first run. Her owner says Nami’s first race was the Unicorn Fun Run in Putrajaya on December 23, where she ran another 5K.

If you want to see more of Nami, including a video of a post-race celebration, check out her owner’s TikTok account for plenty of videos dedicated to chronicling the goat’s many adventures.

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