WIN! Runner’s World Gear of the Year 2023

Congratulations to this year’s winner’s of our Gear of the Year 2023!

This years winners are: Moniqua Nelson-Tunley, NZ; Mark Casey, WA; Robert Ashwood, NZ; Rebecca Ellison, ACT; Fraser Shepherd, NSW; Natasha Littler, SA; Jodie K Scott, WA; Marianne Elston, NZ; Bronwyn Gilchrist, NZ; Tracey Holmes, Qld; Rosa Gaussen, Qld; Bradie Sheldon, Vic; Angela Smith, WA; Gayle Clark, NZ; Nikola Ducova, NSW; Sarah Lewis, Vic; Cathy Hull, SA; Hamish McMillan, NZ; Christie Humble, Vic; James Bowles, NSW; Justine Sullivan, NZ; Penny Tomkinson, Vic; Bridget Lingane, Qld; Simone Myers, Qld; Britt Turner, Vic; Andrew Jackson, NSW; Tom Alexander, NSW; Christine Galley, Qld; Anthony Downs, NSW; Jade Benfell, NZ.

We hope you enjoy your prizes.

Encompassing everything running, from shoes to recovery, these prize packs topped our must-have list of 2023. These products are sure to give you an unparalleled performance boost and enhance your running experience.

A big thank you to our wonderful partners, for these incredible prize packs.

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