The Adidas Ultraboost PB is an Ultraboost, but lighter and faster

A bit lighter, a bit faster, but not drastically different.

  • Weight: 307g (M) 247g (W)
  • Heel-To-Toe-Drop: 10mm
  • Type: Road
  • Price: $260



RW summary

‘Ultraboost, but lighter and faster.’

  • New mesh upper
  • Sleeker, trimmer shape
  • 20% more Boost foam in midsole although this is not very noticeable
  • A bit of a luxury launch – if you have the Ultraboost 19 or 20 you won’t really need these.

This year Adidas has expanded its range of mass market trainers to cater for runners who want a shoe that’s kind of an Ultraboost but just a little bit different. Our review of the SL20 showcases a shoe that’s like the Ultraboost but stripped down and faster. If you think of the Ultraboost as being at one end of a spectrum and the SL 20 at the other, the Ultraboost PB is in the middle. A bit lighter, a bit faster, but not drastically different.

A durable outsole

Nothing different to report here. It’s exactly the same as previous Ultraboost iterations: a grid-style configuration of outsole Continental rubber which feels bouncy, is plenty durable and gets the job done with minimal fuss.

Boost midsole

The PB has 20% more of the super-bouncy Boost midsole foam injected into its midsole. For first time wearers of a Boost shoe, it was almost a religious experience; they absolutely loved the feeling of their foot being pushed back off the floor with every step. For more experienced Ultraboost wearers, in truth you’re unlikely to notice a significant difference or uptick in energy return, but pounding the streets in these remains a thoroughly pleasurable experience.


Celermesh upper

Adidas has ditched the Primeknit knitted upper in favour of Celermesh – a much more lightweight, almost plasticy yarn, which is exceptionally breathable, durable and offers that perfect combination of cradling and pliability. This new upper makes them excellent for clement weather but less likely to be top of your list come the travails of a British winter.

One of our testers summed this one up well: ‘stable, fast, a real sense of forward propulsion, impressive cushioning and they also look cool. They certainly live up to their billing of looking and feeling fast.’

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