ASICS Aims to Close the Gender Exercise Gap with Their ‘Move Every Mind’ Mission

Did you know it only takes a total of 15 minutes and 9 seconds of exercise each day to see a significant uplift of your mood? 

This was the conclusion of the ASICS State of Mind Index, where 16 different countries were surveyed. It was found that there was a gap between the exercise habits of men and women, with men exercising about 60 minutes more than women. 

We were invited to attend the Asics’s Move Every Mind Launch event in Sydney last week where we got to spend the morning hearing about this research and how ASICS is taking action to close the gender exercise gap. 

Panellists, Jilly Collins, Kelsey Lee Barber and Alyssa Healy.

We started our morning with a mingle and coffee before we all took our seats to listen to an inspiring panel session. This panel consisted of Jilly Collins, General Manager of Rugby Australia, Kelsey Lee Barber, Olympic Javelin Thrower, and Alyssa Healy, Australian Women’s Cricketer. 

Super-inspiring women sharing their stories.

The panel discussed what it’s like being women in the sport and how the sports world has changed for the better, with female athletes getting the media coverage, and overall recognition they deserved. 

Alyssa Healy, Jilly Collins and Kelsey Lee Barber

Next up, was our 15 minutes of movement, which consisted of a light mat pilates workout and stretch session, which everyone could agree was a definite mood booster. We then took our seats once again to enjoy a hot breakfast and each other’s company. 

Our 15 minutes of light mat pilates and stretch session was a great mood booster.

And lastly, we got to check out Asics newest Nagino collection on display, consisting of some pieces you can’t miss and are the perfect addition to your running wardrobe. Find the Nagino collection in stores now! 

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Written by Kaci Carson

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