The Best 20-Minute Functional Core Workouts 

Runner’s World teamed up with Men’s Health to bring you four new workouts, all about improving core stability. 

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To help you squeeze core workouts into a busy schedule, Runner’s World teamed up with Men’s Health to create a training program that includes four 20-minute workouts. Dubbed “20-Minute Functional Core,” you can find this and 450-plus more Runner’s World Streaming workouts via the All Out Studio app, which is included when you join Runner’s World+ premium all access membership

A strong core is essential for great running performance, and that’s why all runners should incorporate core workouts into their training, according to research. In fact, a systematic review and meta-analysis published in Frontiers in Physiologynsays doing so can improve energy transfer, motor control, and the force you put into your steps, which leads to performance gains. 

That core work goes beyond just targeting your abs, too. To create stability and boost efficiency on the run, you need to work other muscles of the core, including the glutes, back, and hip flexors. 

While you’ll experience a bounty of benefits by regularly doing core workouts, you don’t need to dedicate a tonne of time to it. There are plenty of ways to train your midsection, all of which require less than 30 minutes of your day. 

That’s why the 20-Minute Functional Core program is perfect for runners. 

Whether you’re already an RW+ Premium member or ready to join our community, you can access our ever-expanding library of on-demand workouts for all levels of fitness. Whether you’re on vacation, working out from home, or taking Runner’s World Streaming with you to the gym, these workouts are available anywhere, and on any device including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and FireTV. While All Out Studio costs others $89.99/year, with your RW+ Premium membership, you get exclusive unlimited access to the app. 

4 Workouts from the 20-Minute Functional Core Program

Each of the four workouts in the Runner’s World+ Premium All Out program targets your core in a new way. 

The bracing routine, for example, focuses on the hollow body hold and plank exercises, which work your middle via isometric moves and more dynamic variations. The “flexion” series mixes in traditional exercises, like leg lifts and V-ups, burning out your rectus abdominis muscles. 

Meanwhile, the “rotation” workout targets anti-rotational total-body moves, in which your core lights up to keep you from moving side to side (just like you want it to do on the run!), and the “dynamic core” routine is all about turning up the intensity to make you sweat while you zero in on your midsection. 

For the best moves—and a taste of each of the Functional Core workouts—check out the four articles above on different ways to kick up your core strength. 

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