Amazing Stats From Brigid Kosgei’s Marathon World Record

How far could you run at her average pace?

At the 2019 Chicago MarathonBrigid Kosgei of Kenya ran 2:14:04 to shatter Paula Radcliffe’s previous world record of 2:15:25. Radcliffe’s mark had stood since 2003, and was thought to be untouchable—when Kosgei started her world-record run, the second fastest women’s marathon in history was 2:17:01.

Just how fast is the new women’s world record? How long could you run at Kosgei’s average pace? Here are a few fun facts in the wake of Kosgei’s mark.

  1. Kosgei’s average pace per mile: 5:06.8
  2. Kosgei’s average pace per 5K: 15:53.2
  3. Kosgei’s average pace for one lap of a 400-meter track: 76.25 seconds
  4. Kosgei’s first and second half marathon splits, respectively: 66:59 and 67:05
  5. U.S. women’s half marathon record (held by Runner’s World contributing writer Molly Huddle): 67:25
  6. Date the men’s world record became faster than Kosgei’s time: June 13, 1964 (2:13:55, by Basil Heatley of Great Britain)
  7. Time it took Kosgei to go from 35K to the finish: 22:50
  8. Time it took defending men’s champ Mo Farah to go from 35K to the finish in the same race: 23:35
  9. Gap between Farah and Kosgei at the finish: 4:06
  10. Gap between Farah and men’s winner Lawrence Cherono4:13
  11. Time by which the women’s world record has fallen since Kosgei was born on February 20, 1994: 7:02
  12. Kosgei’s age when Radcliffe set the previous world record: 9

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