I’m A Runner – Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid

How to be a Runner

According to Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, 39, Bondi Rescue lifeguard and media personality

Feature on lifeguard Andrew “Reidy” Reid who used to weigh 120kg.

Let me explain:

Rain: There is something really special about running in the rain as I find it really euphoric. Plus the roads are quiet and empty making it seem like I have them all to myself.

Uphill: I love running up hills. I feel like it’s making me stronger with every step and the challenge of getting to the top as quickly as I can really gets me excited.

Warm up: It’s so important and something I feel very strongly about. Lots of leg swings and dynamic stretching!!

Morning: I set an alarm every night and wake up 30mins before it every morning. I love the start of the day as it’s the beginning of a new adventure for me. Especially when I’m going for a run because I try and make every run different.

Finish: There is no better feeling in the world than getting to the finish line of a race you’ve trained so hard for knowing you’re going to get a PB. Money can’t buy it that’s for sure!

Hopefully I get that finish feeling at this year’s Gold Coast Marathon when I finally break 3 hours there.

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