Cindy Ofili’s Prerun Warmup Primes Your Muscles for Movement

The pro runner demonstrates her go-to stretches and exercises that prevent injury and improve performance.

Speed workouts are an integral part of your training for a reason: They help you build muscle and become a faster, more efficient runner.

“Flirting with faster paces during interval training and other speed workouts will get you to faster results over time and help you break through,” John Honerkamp, running coach and former head coach at New York Road Runners, previously told Runner’s World.

But the key to a great interval workout is a proper warmup. You can’t perform your best—and you can even risk injury—if your muscles aren’t primed for action. Dynamic drills—such as leg swings, quad stretches, and hamstring scoops—are all great options. In fact, pro runner Cindy Ofili, a 100-meter hurdler who came in fourth for Great Britain at the 2016 Olympic Games, also warms up with these types of moves before she hits the track.

Ofili shared her typical warmup routine via a YouTube video on her account so that you can incorporate these moves the next time your schedule calls for a speed workout.

“It’s really important to stretch before you work out—I can’t stress that enough,” Ofili said in the video. “It helps [prevent] injuries. It also allows your body to function properly, and it just makes the workout a lot easier.”

In the YouTube video above, Ofili demonstrates 15 of her go-to warmup moves that you can do before your workouts to get your muscles loose. All you need is a resistance band.

  • Dynamic Straight-Leg Hamstring Stretch With Band
  • Dynamic Bent-Leg Hamstring Stretch With Band
  • Dynamic Quad Stretch
  • Hurdle Stretch
  • Butterfly Stretch
  • Seated Calf Stretch
  • Seated Glute Stretch
  • Wall Calf Stretch
  • Ankle Roll
  • Spiderman Push-Up Stretch
  • Scorpion Stretch
  • Supine Spinal Twist
  • Hip Stretch/Activation With Band
  • Lateral Leg Swing With Band
  • Saggital Leg Swing With Band


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